Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Godless Hollywood?

(Excerpt from An interview with actor, Denzel Washington in Readers Digest)

RD: Do you ever see a conflict in Hollywood, godless Hollywood, as a spiritual person?
Washington: Well, wait a minute. Stop. That’s broad. Godless Hollywood? What is that? First of all, Hollywood is a part of Los Angeles, not a way of thinking. When you say Godless Hollywood, are you including me? Are you saying everybody in Hollywood is Godless? That’s like saying Godless Reader’s Digest. No such thing, right?

RD: Right. Right.
Washington: I think it’s easy to generalize. Let’s be specific. We say Godless Hollywood, then we make an assumption that that’s true. It’s not true.

RD: Well, people talk about the violence, the sex
—if you watch HBO—in Hollywood.
Washington: Those things happen everywhere. In politics, in war, at the post office. Not just in Hollywood.

So is Hollywood godless? Or, is it just like the post office & war?

The article in RD paints Washington as a church going, Bible reading, God lover and family man. I would think that such an individual would at least concede that there is a lot of filth and wickedness in Hollywood but that there are good Christians who are being salt and light in a dark place. Isn't it interesting that he is so astonished that anyone would claim Hollywood to be godless?

What relationship does Athens have with Jerusalem? In other words, what relationship should the kingdom of God have with the kingdom of darkness?


Anonymous said...

Readers Digest?! Denzel Washington!?!?! Joe! Joe! You have certainly taken the slippery slope. What's next?

mrvondo said...

Television, movies, American Idol etc. is saturating and brain washing our children and families. We must raise our children and teach ourselves to how to live in the culture but not be overcome by it. RD simply illustrates the problems in simple terms so that us educated by the government can see it. How do we transform this culture with the truth of God?

Ruan Justin said...

you're not so educated yourself mrvondo making the common mistake of putting us instead of we in your comment. then again, who am i to sit here and lecture.