Monday, March 03, 2008

"Father" Harry Tic

Not too long ago, a person in our church was taking around a video by this priest talking about the Love of God and Jesus and the Bible ... as proof that Catholics can be Christians and that there are true Christians in the priesthood. This person was furious that I did not like the fact that she was showing this to people in the church. Here is a recent video by this nut job who actually is accepted by many "Evangelicals."


Arthur Sido said...

I don't think even most Catholics would say this guy is a Christian. He strikes me more as a groovy "God loves everyone" fruitcake. The problem is that so many people go to church their entire lives and never hear anyone proclaim the truth to them, so when someone like you does it seems jarring. "Forget what the Bible says, this is what we have always belived in this church!" is far too common, even among people who claim to be Bible believing Christians.

He is missing the big picture. Jesus doesn't throw anyone into hell, we throw ourselves there willingly without being regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

mrvondo said...

Do you really think that any Catholics claim that their priests aren't Christians? Esp. the ones that even TBN put on their shows?

I couldn't help but think when he says how 'touched' he is by all the things that Muslums do that his true response should be grief and anguish over their false religion.

Arthur Sido said...

I don't think most Catholics would even give it any thought at all, and couldn't articulate what makes one Christian in the first place.