Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cable Down

My wife and I decided to have our basic cable turned off. We called to have it shut off last month but the lady talked us into keeping it by offering to take $5 off our bill each month. We get the basic channels for about $10 a month. A couple reasons we decided to make the painful switch:

1. Temptation to watch TV when the time could be better spent reading, spending time with kids, exercising etc.

2. About 90% of television programs come from Oscar the Grouch's house- Garbage Can

3. Quote by MacArthur "If you preoccupy yourself with ungodly movies or other sinful activities, you are not giving your life fully to the commitment that God calls for... We're not to be wallowing in the gray areas. Paul commands us in Philippians 4:8 to think about things that are good, not things that don't seem bad."

Living in northern Michigan, this means that our home will have zero programs as we get in no stations where we live. I am curious to see what effect this has on our family.

Grace to you,



Matthew Jabs said...

My wife & I originally went this route when we bought our home almost 2 years ago now. However, when the Pistons where in the playoffs...I broke down & ordered the full nelson...& have it to this day.

Joe...your point of view is right on. If nothing else, TV needs to be limited to certain times & shows. The temptation can be too great though & the route Joe mentions here is undoubtably the best idea.

Boanerges said...

My wife and I were lamenting the fact that we don't have the discipline to shut the stupid tube off when garbage is on etc. and use it for a tool rather than allow it to hinder our spiritual lives.

Interesting that the devil is called the prince of 'the air.'

Anonymous said...