Sunday, September 17, 2006

Accepting Providence

"The perfect will of God for your life is what you would choose for yourself if you were God." -Adrian Rogers.
Why is it that we have such a hard time accepting God's providence in our lives? Why can't we get to the place where we accept"God's providence is my inheritance". It is much easier to get bitter at people and circumstances instead of realizing that God is in control of people and circumstances. The very things in our lives that we would change are the verythings that God is using to accomplish His purpose. Take the examples that we have in the scriptures of Moses, Paul, and Joseph. When Moses was born all male Jews were commanded by Pharaoh to be killed. His parents by faith did not fear the king and didn't kill their child. When providence forced them to surrender the child, the mother after making his ark, leaves him in the cattails of the Nile river, and returns home. God in His providence sends Pharaoh's daughter to discover the child. Disputers of providence suggest that she knew Pharaoh's daughter's bath schedule. Then why did she make a waterproof ark instead of just leaving him on the bank where she would come to? When Jochebed got to the place of surrendering control of her life to God and submitting to providence, her life made a drastic turn. As the narrative goes, Miriam volunteers to find a nurse for the baby and the result is that she isallowed to raise her child without fear and gets paid for it. The same Pharaoh that commanded the babies to be killed is now paying the mother of the Israelite deliverer! In the life of Paul, he was falsely imprisoned. He was a driven man that desired to see the gospel spread throughout the world, but finds himself in bonds. He didn't blame people and circumstances but quickly realized that his bonds were working for the furtherance of the gospel. Philippians 1. He was taken to Rome, a city he desired to go to while Caesar paid the fare. He was chained to soldiers for hours at a time and almost boasted to thePhilippians by sending greeting from those of "Caesar's household". He was given liberty to entertain visitors and correspond with churches he could no longer visit, which resulted in the writing of the New Testament. What other writingsof 2000 years ago has had such an impact upon your life? In the life of Joseph, he certainly had opportunity to be bitter with people and circumstances. His brothers even expected him to be when their father died. His famous reply. "you meant it to me for evil, but God meant it for good." Before honor is humility. Before you can be savior of the world, spend several years inprison for doing what is right. There have been times that I looked around and wondered. I asked the Lord, why do things turn out the way they do?But I live in a realm of time, and I see only the present. But with the mind of Christ, I know they're working for my good. In eternity, when we see all things clearly. We'll say to Him, Lord you made no mistakes. If I'd only trusted you, all you did was because you love me. This is the mind of Christ, let this mind be in you. His ways, are so far above our ways. The people and circumstances that you most despise are the very things God will use in your life to bring the most glory toHimself.

John the Baptist

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