Thursday, September 14, 2006

Technical Snafu

For some reason, I cannot get into my blog at 'headmaster' anymore. Change is good anyway. What I plan to do is to host a new blog only this time I will co-host it with my brother John who is a pastor out in Oregon. The content of our blog will be focused on Scripture and the signs of the times. Like our name suggests, John and I are apt to call down fire from heaven to consume people we don't agree with but we have softened much since our beginning ministries. This blog will record our pilgrimages.


toby said...

Didn't Jesus nickname them that because it proved they didn't get it? They didn't understand his Kingdom? LOL Good to see you guys on together.

Boanerges said...

I don't know if HE named them that because they didn't get it. None of them or us really 'get it' all, some are just more zealous in their pursuits.

Admittedly, I have wanted to call down fire from heaven on people at times. I like to think I am learning of the 'better way' of 1 Cor. 13