Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Doctrine of Man

The Bible provides us with God’s view of man. It reveals to us that, at the beginning of time, God created man in the image of His eternal Son (Rom. 8:29), namely, with perfect knowledge, righteousness and holiness. The chief purpose of man’s creation and existence was to give glory to God with his entire being. Tragically, however, man rebelled against God and became a sinner, no longer answering the purpose for which he was created. Ever since man turned away from God, he is separated from God (spiritually dead), has a will entirely opposed to God, is the object of the wrath of God, and is unwilling and unable to be saved and restored to a right relationship with God (Gen. 1:27; Isa. 43:7b, 21; Eccl. 7:29; Rom. 8:7; 3:10, 11).


Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this. Someone very close to me, whom I respect entirely, asked me a question that has given me difficulty in aswering. He asked, that if God created man for His glory, and since God is all-knowing, didn't God know that man was going to rebel against Him when He created man? Curious to see your take on this. Please explain in as great detail as you can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Of course God knows all things. If any creature or fly can act independent of God's control, then He is not really God.

Man's rebellious spirit is the problem in view here as well as man's view of what is fair and good.

Fairness and goodness are not based on what we feel/think is fair and good. God is the final standard of good, and all that God is and does is worthy of approval. God is also alone- righteous. He always acts in accordance with what is right and is HIMSELF the final standard of what is right.

The Bible declares this over and over again: Deut 32:4, Is 45:19, Job 40:2,8; Romans 9.

Your friend wants a God that he thinks is fair according to his terms. If God is so good, how does he allow evil? The answer is found in the story of Joseph in the Old Testament and the story of Christ in the new. God uses what appears evil to men to work out His eternal purpose to save His people. Those who do evil still reap what they sow, but God is the potter and we are the clay. Man can rebel against this and say, "I cannot/will not worship a God LIKE THAT."

To which, the divine response is, "The fool has said in their heart there is no God." and,
"The times of this ignorance (false worship of gods of their own imagination) God winks at and now commands all men everywhere to repent."

Hope this helps.

Joe said...

I would add to my last post that God uses what appears evil to men to work out His eternal purpose "for His own glory and the good of those who love Him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations. Deut 10, Romans 8:28-29.