Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A book review

Title: A Journey in Grace (A Theological Novel)
Author: Richard P. Belcher
Year: 3rd Edition 2006
ISBN: 0-925703-11-7 Binding: Softcover
Pages: 240
Reading Level: 2.0
Price: $10.99

Reviewer: Joseph D. VonDoloski

This book takes the reader on a journey. The young pastor finds himself confronted with the accusing question at his interview, "Young man, are you a Calvinist?" Having never heard the term before, he answers, "No!" as he can tell by the scowls and grimaces on the face of the pulpit committee that no self respecting Christian would ever be one of those.

He then begins a journey to find out what a Calvinist is. He looks at history, the Scriptures and sees what genuine historic Calvinism is. All along the way, he deals with all sorts of issues in the Seminary he is attending as well as problems that attend pastoring a church.

Many pastors and church members will immediately identify with the various situations that arise and the strength of the book is demonstrating how doctrine affects practice in the local church. This is a very readable book and a fabulous introduction to anyone seeking an unbiased approach to discovering what Calvinism is.

There are a series of "Journey" novels like this one on the web site where he deals with many of the subjects facing the church today that cause problems and splits from the same inductive approach. Pick this book up if you want an enjoyable read that also gives a balanced explanation of biblical Calvinism.

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Anonymous said...

Pastor Vondoloski, thank you for introducing this novel to us(the family). After reading it, my eyes are open even more to what the words of God mean to us and that there is still alot to understand. It will forever be on-going.
I like the fact that the novel brings to light, the church that is pastored needs guidance, and that all churches have unique probems to deal with, in what better way than the word? But most of all, following the novel, then going to scripture to confirm, that Gods grace to his people, under preseverance, faith and understanding, is summit to all. Without the Son dying for the sins of those whome he saved, the Grace would never be enough, but for those who are, His Grace is suffecient no matter the trial.
I thank God for the Grace he has given, even when taken away so that I can understand that preserverance in the Lord, Father-Son-Holy spirit, will have me follow Christ where ever and when ever, and the outcome will be His will and determination.
To God be the Glory, Amen