Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Prophetic Word

The following is a letter written by my younger brother to my older brother serving in Korea. It is one of the most profound things I have read in a long time, I trust you will be blessed by it concerning your own situation as much as I have been.


I don't anticipate being able to have a 45 minute discussion with someone on a street corner to explain the gospel. However, it is essential to have intimate familiarity with the different aspects of the gospel to give them a condensed answer to their specific need. If you look at how Christ did personal evangelism He didn't deal with all of these aspects in one conversation. Nicodemus needed to be born again. The Samaritan woman needed to know who the Messiah was. The woman taken in adultery didn't need an exposition of the law she needed to understand forgiveness. There is no cookie cutter approach to sharing the gospel. That is why the Romans road or other such programs are sadly deficient. Not only because they don't deal with specifics but also because the one witnessing never gains an understanding beyond it.

The other issue, is that we have people that are faithful coming to church who are yet in their sins. To them, I believe a comprehensive study of the gospel will help to break through their self righteousness and shallow understanding to acknowledge the glory of the gospel. With these people there needs to be deep plowing and planting of the seed. Many times we overlook those right under our nose.

With that said. I believe the primary focus that you need to have is to evangelize your children. It is obvious from your statements that there is nothing you would rather do than to be able to evangelize on a broader scope. Which is why God hasn't opened that door. If He were to open that door you would evangelize to the neglect of your children and wife. I say this because I acknowledge it in my own life. I have 7 children that need constant attention and to seize the day while the window of opportunity is still open. He which is faithful in least will be faithful in much. Be faithful to take the opportunities that God has given you with your children and He will open further opportunities.

Let's assume that God saves your wife and children. How easy would it be as a family to be able to bring other families into your home and evangelize them? Imagine trying to do that with an unconverted wife and unruly children. First things first. Obviously, these are things that I believe God has revealed to me personally. God is more concerned about you than He is about anything that you are going to do for Him. Consider the affect of having converted children who will know how to evangelize your grandchildren. That is our circle of influence at the present.

You have a full plate and I believe it is a tactic of the devil to make us feel guilty about only doing our responsibility. (Paul) Washer had a great sermon on this several months ago. Be content to be ordinary. Glorifying God as a husband, father, employee and not always looking for the extraordinary. I believe that God has put all three of us in situations where we can excel. We need to seize the day and not waste it chasing some dream. True revival is when God turns the hearts of the fathers to the children.



Arthur Sido said...

Prophetic indeed, especially the last paragraph. We have bought into the rock star mentality, where some men are greater servants because of their education, or how many books they publish or how many conferences they are invited to speak at. But Christ's followers were very ordinary people. What could be more ordinary than just being a faithful follower leading your family? What could be more important?

eJabs Administrator said...

Thank you for posting this letter Joe, it is a blessing to me.

I to need to focus on growing closer to God through a better understanding of His Word, and need to lead my wife in the ways of the Lord instead of dreaming about "what God wants me to do with my life" like it's some huge mystery!