Thursday, October 23, 2008

Classical Music for People who don't like Classical Music

Would it seem strange to say that this music makes me want to be a better Christian? It makes me feel like I am tasting something for the first time and I want to eat more. Like I am getting a whiff of a wonderful aroma and wish I could put my nose right up to it and inhale fully.


Ryan Boomershine said...

Nice idea. I'm glad you said so.

I'm no afficiando, but I own a ton of classical music, and I'm so thankful that BJ taught me and so many others not to hold our noses and mouths when a stringed and brass instrument played at the same time.

Live and close up are so wonderful.

Joe VonDoloski said...

I think Classical Music is hard work. It tells an intricate story and we prefer to be lazy.

Is this not true with many other things in life?