Thursday, July 03, 2008

5 Greatest Preachers of all time

You read this kind of thing about sports starts all the time. I realize, that God makes great preachers, but He made athletes too. So here is my list: By preacher, I mean best person behind the pulpit, not greatest theologian or writer. I am basing this on sermons by these men that I have read or listened to.

#5 John Bunyan, wrote most famous book ever and uber learned, John Owen said he would give up all of his education if he could preach "like that tinker." Spent 12 years in prison because he would not quit preaching.

#4 Jonathan Edwards. Studied 13 hours a day, and when he preached, people in the crowd would mozy on over to a tent pole and hold on for dear life thinking the ground was going to open up and suck them into hell. And true to many prophets, they kicked him out of his church after 25 years for having the audacity to require regeneration to participate in the Lord's Supper.

#3 George Whitefield- The man walked with God and was used mightily in bringing about world-wide revival. I confess I have not read as much of him as I would like.

#2 John Piper- If you haven't listened to the man preach you cannot pass judgment. J. Ligon Duncan, a Presbyterian author and influential pastor of a very large church in the south heard him for the first time and thought, "I have never preached."

#1 Charles Spurgeon- Anyone who doesn't have him 1st on their list probably needs to examine their salvation. He is called the Prince of Preachers and had a ministry and ability that none have had since to such a degree and probably never will.
Thank you God for the gift of these men. Men, for whom the world was not worthy?


Josh Gelatt said...

Good selection, though I would probably add Chrysostom (the Early Church expositor) to the list. Also, Calvin would probably make my cut. His sermons are simply amazing. Sadly, only a fraction have been translated into English--others lost to history.

Ryan Boomershine said...

Great list. Thanks.

Arthur Sido said...

You left my name of that list...just saying.

Anonymous said...

I think relevance of the time is important. That being said, all these men were/are relevent to the time they preach. For me the most relevant man preaching today is Paul Washer. He absolutely hits the nail on the head every time he steps up to the pulpit.