Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Music in the church. What an important subject in the church today. I would hazzard a guess that more people make a decision on where to go to church based on the music, more than any other feature. I am looking at the whole concept of worship and music with another gentleman in the area. I am beginning my study with this preconceived idea. When our heart is where it needs to be, loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, the zeal and passion of our heart will overflow with worship and our singing will be wonderful.

I used this illustration before in our congregation. After a football game at Corunna High School, especially after a hard fought victory, we would gather together as a team and powerfully sing the school fight song. Everybody knows that high school boys are not the power voices in most churches but when we were singing about victory in football, we didn't care who heard us and we didn't care if we couldn't carry a tune. We had something to sing about! If the coach saw someone not singing, he would be right over in his face, yelling at him, "What's the matter with you?" And nobody would have thought the coach was out of line. So I contend that when the hearts of God's people realize the victory and future of a life with Christ, the singing wil be one of victory and loud rejoicing.


Ron Kenney said...


Well put!

To take your illustration a little further, I would imagine as young teenage football players, you guys were preparing for and thinking about those games all week long. That fact brought you to a place of excitement and comradery by the time game day came. In the same way, if a Christian is not walking with God all week, but instead receiving a healthy dose of this world (via whatever) they will hardly be excited come "gameday!" It will be (and is) seen in their singing and on their faces!
Ron Kenney
PS. -- I hope that this note finds you and the family well. I stumbled upon your blog recently via Ryan's. I told Denise about the conference that you were going to and she was instantly jealous. Personally I prefer western as far as the two types of music.

Joe VonDoloski said...

Great to hear from you pastor Ron.
Are you going to any conferences this year? Are you still in Battle Creek? Do you have a church web site?