Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Knowing God Pt. 5

"If our God is the same as the God of New Testament believers, how can we justify ourselves in resting content with an experience of communion with Him, and a level of Christian conduct, that falls so far below theirs? If God is the same, this is not an issue that any one of us can evade." pg 80

But, you say, "a lot ended with the Apostolic age and therefore has nothing to do with us. "

Let M.L. Jones answer your statement: "The Scriptures are also meant to apply to us today, and that if you confine all this to the Apostolic era you are leaving very little for us at the present time...The whole Scripture is for us. In the New Testament we have a picture of the church, and it is relevant to the church at all times and in all ages."

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