Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For god(s) or for Country?

Should being drafted by Lions keep player out of Iraq?

The Lions drafted a football player from West Point. Normally, all graduates must completetwo years of military service before being allowed to play in pro-sports. But the Army has

changed their policy to allow an exemption to all cadets who sign a pro contract with professional sports.

The REASON the Army does this is very easy to understand. Nobody is beaten down the Army recruiter's door to get signed up for the military these days. Not with a 1-way ticket to Afghanastan or Iraq virtually guaranteed. So if the Army is having a hard time getting recruits, why let one of the 'best of the best' skip out for a pro-ball career.

Simple: America worships pro sports. The Army realizes this. If an army soldier becomes a successful pro-athlete, children will worship him and then he can use his influence to convince the kids to join the Army. (And be like Mike or Payton or Eli or Brett)

The kid the Lions drafted is required to spend time recruiting for the Army while he is not directly working for the Lions. The Army realizes something the Scripture notes.
Psalm 115:8 "Those who make them are like them; so is everyone who trusts in them."

Romans worshiped pigs, Americans pigskin. They assemble in huge Coliseum's every Sunday, and delight in the Midweek Thursday and Monday night gatherings. Gazillions are donated for the 'offering,' in fact, you are not even let in the building unless you donate the amount they determin, and people are always turned away. Scalping tickets is big business.

People love the service, raise their hands, sing loudly, cheer, cry and celebrate throughout. They LOVE IT when the service runs late. (Overtime) People get there early and getting an invitation to come by a regular is received with great joy.

The 'ministers' are payed obscene amounts even if they fall into gross immorality, as long as they 'put on a good show on Sunday.'

And heaven, of which worshipers can never be a part of, is the immortality of the Hall of Fame. Which worshipers pay to attend and plan vacations around visiting.

There are book studies otherwise known as Rotisserie leagues
constant devotionals in the form of Sports Magazines, newspapers, books etc.

And they have there own stations devoted to them on cable TV.

Millions of devoted followers have their 'devotions' morning, noon, and night and any other time they can fit it in. They are exporting their services to Mexico, England, China, & Japan.

God bless America

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Arthur Sido said...

It might actually be less dangerous to fight in Iraq rather than live in Detroit.