Saturday, February 09, 2008


Give us Barabbas!
Barabbas was a convicted felon. He was guilty of rebellion or sedition, murder and robbery. He was guilty of everything the Jews accused Jesus of. Yet the people cried for him to be released and the innocent Christ crucified. Amazing how wicked those folks were huh?
Yet how do we today, ask for Barabbas and say crucify Christ?
We do it by committing the same sins that Barabbas was guilty of. When we rebel against God as our King. When we go contrary to what His word teaches, we say, "We will not have this man to rule over us, give us Barabbas."
Many scholars believe because of a few manuscripts that Barabass' first name was Jesus and was omitted from later texts to lesson confusion. Pilate could have asked, "Who do you want me to release to you, Jesus Son of the Father (Bar - Abbus) or Jesus that is called Christ?"
We are all as guilty as those who called for Barabbus! Our sins crucified the Lord.
See our need of Christ! Blameless yet punished in our place. The gospel in one word: Substitution.

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