Thursday, June 11, 2009


Why I don't blog much anymore: Sitting down to my in-laws dial up internet is like sitting in the dentist chair and getting one of your important tooths pulled.

What I'm reading: Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson- a treasure trove of pearls, probably my favorite book of all time.

How I feel: Like Moses at the well after his first attempt at ministry. At least I didn't kill the guy and bury him in the sand. But I am encouraged that at the well, Moses looked to do good by running off some naughty shepherds.

What I am waiting for: The birth of my daughter Karis- due yesterday, Heidi is to be induced Tuesday. Also a call from a church to come be their pastor.

What I am learning: God is not on my timetable. It took 430 years for God to get Israel to where He wanted them before calling Moses there to free them, get ticked off, strike the rock and miss out on entering the promised land.

God is good.


Arthur Sido said...

No need to wait brother, you have already been called by a church. You don't need a title to preach the Gospel and minister to people!

Joe said...

I tried to make that point Arthur concerning Moses. He sat down by the well and beat the crap out of some shepherds bullying some women.
He ministered in the situation he found himself.

But the call on his life was still to lead the people out of Egypt. Specific place, specific people. Title didn't do anything for Moses either, It just took 40 years of "seminary" on the back side of the desert to learn how to shepherd. I hope my burning bush happens a little sooner. If the Lord wills we will do this or that.