Friday, October 24, 2008

Vote with a clear Conscience

Follow the link to read a great biblical perspective on voting HERE by John Piper.

For those who care, I am voting for Chuck Baldwin from the Constitution Party.

I was going to hold my nose and vote for McCain but I don't see how he is any better than what we have in the office now.

The Republicans held the entire government for years early in 2000.

What about abortion changed. It is time for overhaul.


jwjw376 said...


Roe v. Wade has yet to be overturned, which is the ultimate goal, but you are wrong to suggest that nothing has been accomplished by the Republicans in regard to abortion.

I have already told you these, but you insist on arguing that nothing has been done; so, I'll try again.

President Bush took the single most important action he can take concerning abortion which is appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court. He also ended tax payer funding of abortion, and he refused to allow any new embryos to be destroyed for embryonic stem cell research. There are other things as well, but unfortunately I do not have that information. The above actions are very significant, and they would not have happened if a democrat was in office.

Please, stop using this as a reason not to vote McCain.


Joe VonDoloski said...

I do not insist that nothing has been done.

I was at a Right To Life Dinner tonight, and embryos are still being destroyed throughout many states in our country, including Michigan.

Democrat Bart Stupak was there. He is pro life.

I don't argue that Obama is a socialist and pro-death. I am continuing to pray over what God would have me to do as C. Baldwin may not be on the Michigan ballot.

I do not know if President MCcain is a guarantee of conservative judges. Reagan, the president he loves to invoke was not a guarantee. He loves to talk about upsetting his own party. All I am saying is that his presidency is not guarantee of a Pro Life presidency but I would agree it would be FAR better than the Democratic candidate - Far better.