Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Momma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Infidels

When push came to shove, I could wear my mom down. Be it money, going to a friends house, whatever my desire, I knew that mamma wanted to make me happy and make my every wish come true.

In the church today we see women who have to drag their children kicking and screaming thru the door. One of those she tries to drag is dad. Not only is he not the spiritual leader in the home, but he more than any is the one wearing mom down the most.

If kids have the choice of going to church, holy living, the Bible, vs. Sleeping in on Sunday, waking at noon to fill their face in front of the boob tube, which do you think is going to win? And Dad pits them all against mom.

So churches spring up that try to cater to this by making church service more fun than what can be done at home. Your Best Life Now. Video games, skits, Video Clip "object lessons", Rock & Roll bands etc.

And men still don't lead their families in anything spiritual.

Don't quit Moms. Never give in! Your desires for your children to be saved and serving God are holy, right, true and good. Don't nag, pray. Consistently demonstrate godliness and teach your children from the womb that a life without God as the epicenter is a wasted life that will never make them happy.

Their soul is worth the fight. Don't get wore down.

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