Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please Don't Confuse the Argument with Facts

When the subject of Politics is raging as it is today, I wanted to waste some breath and actually try to interject some common sense into two things that I am hearing.

#1 Minimum Wage- Minimum wage was never meant to support entire families. It is for teenagers and retired folks who want something to do to make some extra spending money. Think with me here for a moment. If you raise minimum wage, what is an empolyer at the Hardware store going to do with his new government imposed extra expense of $10,000?

News flash: Prices are going to go up. He certainly can't afford to eat the expense considering that taxes are always rising. So the expense is passed on to the employee whose new found wealth will still only buy the same amount of goods.

Common Sense: You cannot smoke pot thru high school, go to college and drop out with $30,000 worth of school loans and then expect to have your cable, cigaretts, leased vehicle and beer money making $8 an hour.

#2 The government bailing out the housing market to the tune of billions.

Banks loaned money they knew was not going to get back to them. People borrowed money they knew they could never in their wildest dreams pay back (unless minimum wage went up...) and now politicians are calling on the government(translation: people who don't work for minimum wage and actually have worked hard to get where they are) to bail everyone out.

Common sense: In this respect, I believe in evolution. The strong survive. Banks with common sense fiscal policy and people who know how much they can afford for housing are going to make it and should NEVER be punished for the foolishness of others.

The inmates are running the asylum.


Arthur Sido said...

Joe, the minimum wage is the greatest thing ever! when the cost of labor goes up, corporations just shrug and say "guess we won't make us much profit this year" They would never raise price to compensate.

(my bank is pretty secure BTW)

John VonDo said...

Why not raise the wage to $25 an hour so we can all be rich? And we can have free Health Care. (If you want to know what that would be like, visit your local Secretary of State and see how long it takes you to hand them a pile of money. It took me three weeks to get a copy of my title. And $55.) We could also have the government take over gas and we could have free gas.