Monday, July 28, 2008


A group from our church went to a local town and went on a cruise that the churches of the town put together. We sang some hymns and heard a devotional from the pastor of a church who has merged a Presbyterian and Methodist church in the town with seeming success.

It was all downstream from there.
His devotional started out with his illustration that got him thinking. . Preaching is choosing a test and explaining its points, not having a cool story and looking for verses to back up what it teaches.
So he talks about his kids science book and the subject of symbiotic relationships.
Then he tells the story of Moses and the Amalekites and Joshua supporting his hands to help Israel win.
Before he starts he lets the audience know that there is a huge freighter coming and they won't want to miss it so he will hurry. Then right in the middle of his devotional, he stops and goes to look for the freighter saying, "I'm really trying to hurry..."

After his second point, he says, "You know what, I am going to stop right here so we can all see this big boat and I will finish my third point, which is the best point after it passes."

The boat came and went, and the guy never finished his devotional. Wow, what a shipwreck.
Not to dwell on the negative or anything, but one other thing really set me off. There was a guy there who had a shirt on that had some logo alluding to 'skin productions' On the shirt were a bunch of shadow images of naked women. I don't expect much from people today but this creep had a huge tattoo of a cross on his arm. I am not a confrontational person, but I really wanted to speak to this guy and ask him if he thought it was appropriate to have a huge cross on his shoulder while wearing a porn shirt.

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