Thursday, June 05, 2008

There IS Free Will

"But they (punishments of hell: fire, worm dieth not, outer darkness, gnashing of teeth) are not arbitrary inflictions; they represent, rather, a conscious growing into the state in which one has chosen to be. The unbeliever has preferred to be by himself, without God, defying God, having God against him, and he shall have his preference. Nobody stands under the wrath of God except those who have chosen to do so. The essence of God's action in wrath is to give men what they choose, in all its implications:..God's readiness to respect human choice to this extent may appear disconcerting and even terrifying, but it is plain that his attitude here is supremely just."

It has always confused me why people would want to go to heaven where intimate fellowship with God is the defining characteristic of what makes heaven so great. A good many "christians" would prefer a heaven with no God, as long as the mansions, eternal life and perfect health were there, and let us not forget family.

Many people would even say they wanted God in heaven, but mostly because He is a God that they have created in their own mind, who thinks the world of them and is willing to make great sacrifices so that they can have, forgive me for this, "Their Best Life Now."

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Wendy said...

Hi Joe! No forgiveness needed about the "Best Life Now" comment. I am in agreement with you about prosperity preaching and the mindset that goes with it. Your brothe Jim wrote a well-researched and indepth piece on the churches that have "sold out", which I will attach later, if I can. :)
Sister-in-law, Wendy VonDoloski