Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Conference 2

This morning, we heard from John MacArthur and Mark Devers. MacArthur spoke about Total Depravity, making the point that soft preaching makes hard hearts. In discussion, Al Mohler commented that nobody has a defense against it unless dead doesn’t mean dead. Devers reminded us that when we think about election, and the fact that God told Paul He had people in the city that it is a motivation for evangelism.

I have been encouraged that it is not by changing my methodology, service times, etc that our church will grow and the Kingdom of God advance, but by praying, preaching, and persevering. God must change hearts. Each of these men have been preaching in the same church for many years and their churches are huge. God has built His church through the preaching of His word. We spoke with some elders from Capitol Hill where Devers pastors, and they said it took about 6 years before everyone bought into the mission and God really began to bless.

I am on year two and already see signs of grace in our church.

So I will continue to preach, pray, and persevere. By God’s grace.

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