Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Membership Matters

We just passed around a sign up sheet at our church for people interested in becoming members. We had ten people sign up! So I have been focusing this week on creating
a class for new members. Why does our church exist, who can join, etc.

As I go through this, the thought presses me that all of our church should go through this
class again. We need to be reminded corporately as to why we exist and what qualifies us
to be a member of a church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We were blessed to have two baptisms on Easter. What a great day to be baptized.
I trust everyone had a great Resurrection Sunday and are now renewed to live
out the truths of the gospel in the weeks to come.

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Josh Gelatt said...

Excellent news. May the Lord flood your church with a remnant of fully committed followers of Christ.