Thursday, November 02, 2006

Journey in Salvation Pt 4

Sports were everything for my from 7th-after college. We moved from one school in my 8th grade year because the baseball coach was terrible at the one and the football team was only 9-12. We were great worshippers. We watched it on TV, collected memorabillia, practiced it, studied it, we were sports worshipers. The new house we bought when we moved to Corunna was next door to the golf course so we added golf to the list. We couldn't afford to play golf so we just walked on the course when we could get away with it and played a couple holes.

In tenth grade I began attending Corunna High school where I graduated in 1993. We attended a Bible church for a few years and I was baptized in that church. When the pastor asked me for my testimony, I broke down in tears and don't remember if I even told him what it was. All I knew was that the Bible taught that I had to be baptized and I felt guilty that I wasn't so I submitted to it. I remember one specific service, the pastor asked us to submit the names of lost friends that he could go and visit. I remember not wanting to be embarressed by them finding out I was supposed to be a Christian. I knew they wouldn't appreciate a guy knocking on the door to give them religion. I remember vividly telling the pastor to give me a call if he wanted me to go with him, dreading the fact that he might take me up on the offer.

I was soon playing football, basketball and baseball at the new school and even played a year of golf. I had my first serious girlfriend. All I will say about her was that the Lord used her in my life to show me later on in life that my profession of Christianity was useless. The law of God shows us how sinful we are. I would not have
known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet.

Mom started taking us to a new church in town after a few years. I remember dreading going to church. I grew to dislike it more and more. Mom would guilt us into going and tell us all she wanted for mother's Day, Christmas etc. was for all her kids to be in church. The only enjoyment I got out of church was when it was over. Whenever we went or even had church events, I knew one thing- I have nothing in common with these people. My spirit did not bear witness with theirs and the only enjoyable thing about them was that our family of boys could whip them all soundly in sports whenever we competed in anything.

It is through this time of my life that I developed what I now believe about several things. The evil of the public school system, what I will allow my children to do in the area of dating, the gross error of saying that rebellious teenagers such as myself were Christians, and how important it is for children to see a love of Jesus Christ (not church alone) in their parents.

Next installment- the college years.

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