Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"The twentieth century taught many lessons, and one of the most perverse of these lessons is this: Salvation is found in a pill. Got an infection? Take an antibiotic. Can't sleep? Take a sedative. Can't breathe? Take an antihistamine. Can't cope? Take a psychotropic pill. Can't perform sexually? Take Viagra. Can't keep up with other athletes? Take a steroid. Can't remember which pill you are to take for which problem? Take a memory enhancer." -Al Mohler


toby said...

Is Al Mohler quoting Tom Cruise?

Boanerges said...

This was said in a blog about the fact that many parents are getting doctors to prescribe Ritalin for their kids even though they have nothing wrong with them, so as to boost their academic ability.

The observation can be seen by even by unbelievers. We are a pill popping people.